Leeds Minibus Hire

Local Self Drive Minibus Leeds

We are focused on providing our clients what they need when it comes to getting to their destination. Our minibuses are also available for hire by those who would want to travel to other cities around with it. Yes, if you know the city of Leeds and the neighbouring cities so well and want to get to other cities around with our minibus, we will also oblige you.

For the self-drive service, we like to offer our best buses. They are appropriately serviced and inspected by our technical and mechanical experts and confirmed perfect before released. We can assure you that our minibuses will never disappoint you. Of course, they are all new buses that are still less than four years in use, and they are generally of the best brands.

One more thing is because you will drive the minibus by yourself, the cost will be lesser. But you should be ready to bear the cost if anything goes wrong. We offer all sizes of minibuses for the self drive option, including the 16 seat, 14 seat, 12 seat, 10 Seat and 8 Seat Minibuses.
All our self-drive minibuses are also leased out with tracking devices to ensure that we know your location and the state of our bus at any point in time. So, you don't need to leave the designated route and get to some other place.